Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IRIB: "Hezbollah enjoys weapon of martyrdom"

Happy Martyr Day!
Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement enjoys a weapon better than missile arsenals and that is the will to sacrifice, a high-ranking official of the movement said on Tuesday.

Al-Minar TV network quoted Sheikh Nabil Kawooq as saying that Hezbollah enjoys martyrdom-seeking weapon which no one would be able to confront with.

Speaking at the occasion of "Martyr" day, representative of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon reiterated that the victory of Resistance is near.

He described Ahmad Qasir's martyrdom-seeking operation as one of the greatest and most significant operations during the history of combat against the Zionist regime.

Ahmad Qasir was a front runner in conducting martyrdom-seeking operations and gaining victory, Kawooq said adding Qasir opened the door to the eventual defeat of the Zionist enemy.

Ahmad Qasir conducted the first martyrdom-seeking operation in Nov. 11, 1982 against 'Israel' after driving a vehicle loaded with explosives into the Israeli military compound in the city of Soor.

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