Monday, November 16, 2009

Can we invite the Neturei Karta to our Mosque?

Islam Online issues a ruling on this supremely important question:
Dialogue is always helpful and opens the doors for understanding and cooperation. However, when we choose representatives of any faith, we should try to choose those who represent the mainstream rather than those who say what we like to hear.

Many Jewish and Christian groups invite to their gatherings some Muslims who are critical of Islam and abuse Muslims. Thus, we criticize these groups and tell them that they should invite mainstream Muslims. Consequently We should do the same thing. We cannot have a real dialogue with any religion unless we try to converse with those who represent their main groups. From there, a real understanding and common ground can develop.

There is nothing wrong with meeting with the Rabbis of Neturei Karta, but you should bear in mind that they represent a very small Jewish group. But, again, you should not close the door on others.
It doesn't sound as if the NK are exactly sweeping them off their sandals.

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