Sunday, November 29, 2009

"the spirit of readily becoming human bullets and bombs and the spirit of blasting oneself"

You might think that this is an article that was already featured in a post, but no, that one referred to "the self-blasting spirit," not "the spirit of blasting oneself":
General Secretary Kim Jong Il inspected the Command of KPA Navy Combined Unit 587.

After receiving a salute, he went round the monument to President Kim Il Sung's on-site guidance and the room devoted to the history of the combined unit.

Noting that the combined unit has a long tradition of struggle as it has demonstrated the might of the KPA by fully displaying popular heroism in the defence of the country and socialist construction over the last more than six decades, he highly appreciated its feats.

He watched combat and technical equipment and training of seamen to learn in detail about the implementation of the training program for this year and the preparations for training next year.

He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the unit has successfully trained all the commanding officers and soldiers to be a-match-for-a hundred fighters possessed of high combat technique and capability by intensifying the combat and political training true to the WPK's policy of training. He highly appreciated the successes made by the unit in the training this year.

The seamen of the KPA have grown to be indomitable fighters who enshrine as their unshakable faith the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, the spirit of readily becoming human bullets and bombs and the spirit of blasting oneself, he said, adding: Our socialist country is impregnable as these invincible ranks have reliably defended its seas.
The latest Haveil Havalim is fully displaying popular heroism.

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