Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Capitalist Society Is That of Immorality and Depravity" (Korean News)

Take that, Imperialists!
Capitalist society is falling deeper into quagmire of bankruptcy as all descriptions of immorality and depravity are rife.

Horrible incidents occurred one after another in the capitalist countries including the United States and Japan in recent months.

In December last year a dead body of a seven-year old girl was found in the garbage ground of an apartment building in Atlantic City of New Jersey State, the U.S. Traces proving that she was sexually assaulted and wounds caused by stab were reportedly found on her head and several other parts of her body.

Earlier in July, an 8-year old girl was also found dead in this country after she was kidnapped.

It was reported in mid December last year that a 25-year old woman in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, dragged her 3-year old son with dirty bag on his head, stunning the public.

A frolicsome child free from worries had to be a victim of violence beyond the imagination, even being badly treated by its parent--this is the true picture of corrupt capitalist society.

In capitalist society peace is hard to expect on the New Year due to crimes committed all the year.

At the dawn of the New Year people were seized with anxiety and panic at the gunshot.

In the vicinity of San Diego, California State of the U.S., an unidentified criminal broke into a flat and shot four people to death on the New Year.

A shooting in the UK on Jan. 2 left three people dead.

All the facts clearly show that capitalist society is a veritable hell, a rotten and ailing society.
Kim Jong Il may be gone, but Songun propaganda lives on.

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