Thursday, January 05, 2012

North Korea "Condemns Japan for Its Unpardonable Immoral Act" (Korean News)

The "Unpardonable Immoral Act" seems to involve the sort of political speculation and news coverage that occurred practically everywhere else in the world:
The world is watching the DPRK wailing in bitter grief over the untimely demise of Kim Jong Il, the father of the nation, whom the Korean people believed as in Heaven.

Such condolences and mourning are something unprecedented in human history.

The mourning of the Korean people over the demise of the leader was truest and noblest; it was an eruption of the kindred feelings that can be seen between the father and his children.

So, even foreign journalists who kept track of the mourning events were moved to tears. They reported "it is natural for the north Koreans to lament over the demise of their leader as they regarded him as a man always close to them and not imagined their life without him."

Japan, however, behaved as an exception.

The Japanese reactionaries unhesitatingly committed evils baffling human imagination by hurting the feelings of the mourners who suffered the greatest loss.

No sooner had the important announcement been released than the secretary general of the New People's Party and other riff-raffs of Japan talked nonsense about the "collapse of system" and "abduction and nuclear issue". Conservative media let vicious elements hell-bent on the anti-DPRK smear campaign act as newscasters to release malignant reports falsifying facts.

This is a base and despicable act which can be done only by the morally depraved guys ignorant of elementary etiquette, and an unpardonable immoral act of exploiting the great loss to other nation for their political purpose.

The hostile attitude taken by Japan towards the misfortune of a neighbor only once again brought into bolder relief its disposition as a political dwarf.

Japan can never behave otherwise because of its political nature.

It has never acted in good faith as regards the Korean issue but made the situation more complicated, going against the trend of the times.

It is ridiculous, indeed, for the Japanese authorities to trumpet about "collapse of system," availing themselves of this opportunity.

Japan, which has eyed Korea for centuries, is now telling a cock-and-bull story. It seems that Japan is no more than a politically blind country as it does not know about the DPRK at all.

Japan has topped the world list of replacement of prime ministers, becoming the laughing stock of the world and not a day passes without unstable domestic politics. Hence, Japan will never understand the social system in the DPRK, most stable in the world.

The Korean people more keenly realized the greatness of Kim Jong Il after his demise and the DPRK's system has grown more solid than a rock.

Japan would be well advised to face up to the DPRK and act with discretion, though belatedly.

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