Monday, January 02, 2012

Ha'aretz columnist thinks "Israel is missing another opportunity for peace"

She thinks the Saudi initiative presented earlier missed opportunities:
[...] And now, in real time, it is happening once again: Hamas is suspending its acts of terror, opting for popular resistance, recognizing a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders and even joining the Palestine Liberation Organization, the organization empowered to conduct negotiations with Israel. They aren't saying it outright, but joining the PLO also means accepting the agreements signed with Israel; and there is also the recognition of Israel, as well as responsibility and partnership in political decisions.

This, too, is a truly historic event. Granted, Ismail Haniyeh did visit with the Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday and make declarations about the destruction of Israel; but he is the man who wasn't consulted vis-a-vis joining the PLO and who is about to lose his post as prime minister, and he is kicking and screaming - not at us, but at Khaled Meshal. [...]
I wonder how she explains away all the other Hamas denials that it is "opting for popular resistance"? And hasn't Haniyeh been presented in the past as the "moderate" one? And this great opportunity is supposedly happening while the mainstream media are reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says it is about to submit the Camp David accords to a "referendum." Is there nothing leftists won't believe?

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