Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ahmadinejad: "Some countries don't learn their lessons from history"

And we all know what a splendid student of history Ahmadinejad is! From ISNA (Why is the phrase "Student's News Agency" so totalitarian?):
Iran's President stated that it was a pity that some countries did not learn their lessons from history.

"We don't ask them to learn their lesson from two thousand years ago. We ask them to observe the incidents of the recent age, the destiny of the colonizing countries like Britain and Portugal," he said.

"Take Iraq for example! When Saddam was expelled all those in the region became happy because Saddam was a naturally born killer and dreamed only of blood and massacres but we all know that he was supported by oppressive countries like Britain and the U.S. all through his reign and also in the war years with Iran, he was supported by their magnanimous aids," he observed.

"Britain and the U.S., these two where ever they get, they generate destruction and corruption. They say they are not advocators of war, but where ever there's a war you can find a trace of them," he said.

Ahmadinejad commented that the U.S. media was struggling to generate the idea that Bush and his party had been defeated.

"But we believe that the American nation has grown tedious of the U.S. policies and the U.S. is presently a witness of its own defeated policies, the policy of assault, interference, oppressiveness and selfishness," he said.

"We advise those who have recently succeeded in the U.S. elections to take care and we tell them that if they follow the path of Bush, then the same destiny awaits them and people would expel them in the same way. We ask the authorities still in charge to serve the American nation in the remaining period of their service," he concluded.
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