Thursday, November 23, 2006

Linkim 11/23/06

HuffPo: "Michael Richards is NOT Jewish (not that there's anything wrong with that...)"

Indigo Jo: "Mormons, Muslims and abusive polygamy"

Big Pharaoh: "Is My English Poor?"

My Right Word: "The Grounding of Judea and Samaria - My Op-ed in the JPost" and "Hebron's Clarification and Counter-Accusation"

Michael Young: "So how does 'engaging with Syria' look now?"

Lenin's Tomb: "Lay Off MPAC"

Cross-Currents: "Eis Tzara L’Yaakov"

Counterterrorism Blog: "UN Deadlock On Defining Terrorism Persists"

Arab News: "Eating Pork by Mistake Does Not Justify Violence"

Across the Bay: "Words of Wisdom" (h/t: Right Wing Nut House)

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