Thursday, November 23, 2006

IRIB: "America, Zionists plan coups, bids"

Elder of Ziyon has a good current round-up of Iranian Zionphobia, but this sort of thing seems to be in endless supply:
The year 2007 should be the year of assassinations, coups and instability in the Middle East region, strategic guidelines by the Zionist and American political circles recomended.

According to Qods based al-Menar daily, the plots have been conspired in a way to restore the power ballance in the region to before Tel Aviv-based regime and Washington regime suffer defeat in the Middle East.

Ihe Zionist army has been advised to strengthen its ranks since a full-scale war may spread over the region, al-Menar qouted informed Zionist agencts in the circles assemblies.

Reffering to the future developments of the region, including increase of assassinations and coups, the guidelines suggests the Zionist regime should soon rekindle its army with America's assistence in order to pass the crisis.

The guidelines is released every year to inform Zionist and American officials..

Cease-fire between Palestinians and Zionists is not in favour of Tel Aviv, daily quoated the guidelines which adds "internal Lebanon situation is a big threat for America because its status in Lebanon is shaky."

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