Thursday, November 23, 2006

Grandma's always talking about her operations . . .

You already know about the "exploding grandma," right? Other bloggers have already commented on the bias in the press coverage, but there's a certain phrase I would like to point out in the APF story:
Azhar also said her mother had taken part in a daring rescue operation, staged by Palestinian mothers and wives, who acted as human shields to free more than a dozen gunmen holed up in a Beit Hanun mosque on November 3.

"We are really happy. It's a big operation. She told us last night that she would do a suicide operation... We are proud," said Zuheir, Najar's 20-year-old son. "'I don't want anything, only to die a martyr.' That's what she said."
It's not going to be a pretty sight in hell, when all the Shaheeds see what kind of eternal female companionship they're getting now. And the Democratically-elected government of the Palestinians took credit for the "operation," of course. Hamas is a criminal organization. Certainly any Hamas officials in Israeli jails should stay there indefinitely. (Hat Tip: LGF)


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