Thursday, November 16, 2006

IRIB: "IRI one step closer to N-climax"

You don't suppose there is something slightly ominous about this, do you?
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Kurdestan province on Wednesday that IRI is today one step ahead with the passage of each minute and just one step remains to nuclear climax.

Addressing a group of locals in Kamyaran, Ahmadinejad told the ill-wishers of Iran to get depressed and back down instead.

"We advise them to choose friendship with the Iranian nation, otherwise they should know that humiliation and abasement is ahead.

He said that the Iranian nation is the pioneer of dignity and independence, wishing dignity and independence for whole the world but the bullying powers are moving in an opposite direction to that of the messengers of god and are against development, prosperity and dignity of human beings.

"They want nations to live in humiliation, poverty and backwardness and that's why they are opposing us; they do not wish to see progress of our nation and due to the same reason they are preventing us from acquisition of nuclear sciences," he said.

The President said the powers want to use nuclear energy as a lever to dominate over nations.

"Our nation is today wishing good for all mankind; our children are children of monotheism and justice and our children want justice for all people," he noted.

He hoped that this year would be the year of steadfastness, victory, work, endeavor and construction.

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