Friday, November 24, 2006

Mark Levine's essay blaming Israel for Gemayel assassination appears at HuffPo followed by incredible comment thread

Yesterday I noted an essay from Mark Levine blaming Israel for the Gemayel assassination. The essay has now appeared in the Huffington Post. At first and for quite a while, the comment thread is a festival of uninterrupted approval: Here is the first comment:
This thesis sounds completely plausible to me. The Mossad was born in terror and it is probably the most effective killing machine in the world.
And Gemayel's killing was nothing if not effective. Q.E.D. Next:
This makes sense to me. I wish we had more intelligent minds, such as yours. For the sake of every civilian in the Middle East I wish the killing would stop and the peace would begin.
If only the Mossad would just stop. Voila! Peace. Next:
A very interesting article.
Very dull comment, but I think that counts as approval. Next:
The assassination has the appearance of a CIA hit, particularly with the emergence of George H.W. Bush, James Baker, and Robert Gates onto the political scene.

Baker has made it quite clear that he believes in the principle of talking to your enemies. Perhaps he's doing a little recruiting to his side.
Not the little Satan, the Big Satan! Next:
Almost certainly a correct hypothesis. Gemayel's death benefits Israel and only Israel. When will this rogue state desist from its meddling?
Well, you know how it is with rogue states. Next:
This is what I have been thinking all along. Syria and Hezbolla didn't have to kill Gemayel. Their political fortunes were in ascendancy, and they certainly didn't need the hiccups that assassinations bring about, especially knowing who the obvious suspect would be. Which leaves, as Mark says, Israel. Plus, of course, the Lebansese government itself. It is in the interest of these two to want to precipitate a crisis. Especially the Lebanese government. It was (and still is) in a precarious survival situation, thanks to Hezbollah. Why not assassinate Gemayel to take the heat off, all the while knowing that anybody but they will be the prime suspects.
Throw in the Lebanese government and seemingly you have a whole new conspiracy theory, but no, just make sure you don't blame Syria and Hezbolla. Next:
Let me propose a contrarian view to the obvious conclusion that the assassination of Pierre Gemayel was the work of Syria: might it have been a false flag operation by Israel / US Neocons (two heads of the same coin)? Facts possibly pointing away from Syria: (a) their political power in the region on the upswing with Baker Group (i.e., Bush the elder's men) reaching out to Syria and Iran to help facilitate a US tactical retreat out of Iraq, (b) they are already under international investigation for Rafik Hariri murder and the Gemayel murder only heightens international pressure on Syria, (c) this murder was different style than others (bullets v. bombing). What do Israel / Neocons gain from Gemayel murder? Lots. Cause political instability in Lebanon which furthers their agenda in the country. They do not want a unified, strong central government on their northern boarder. Helps in their goal of isolating Syria as an alleged rogue state. Helps in thwarting international desire to involve Syria in solution in Iraq.
New variation--Israel plus neo-Cons. Next:
Mark, that took courage.
Taking the other view would take "courage" in HuffPo land. Next:
There are many assets of the CIA and Mossad working in Lebanon, Syria and Iran today.
My first thought when the news came across the wires was that either Israel or the US were responsible. . .
Had enough? The next one has a new conspiracy:
You are exposing the unmentionable...this ME war is not about WMDs, or democracy...but an elitist war for who gains power...we, the people (US, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Iran) are all being used to the ends of some very powerful people...sure wish they could find another way to agree on the world order...
There is yet another approving comment after that one, and finally:
You got the wrong Chinese guy there, mate. [Levine referred to "Chang Tzu" instead of Sun Tzu, patron saint of conspiracy theories--YG]

Nice mistake from a celebrated historian.

Must've been too busy adding more spit and polish to your interminable, insufferable bio that you post here, without any shame at all.

I read that masturbatory mess, just because I was waiting for the punchline. It boggles the mind to know that someone would actually write that and expect to be taken seriously.
I hope that last comment made it worth slogging through everything that led up to it. There is some variety to the comment thread after this. I'll spare you the rest of it.

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