Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daily Mail: "Iran releases woman sailor's 'anti-war' letter"

As was the case during the Holocaust Conference, when Iran is at its creepiest, it conveys the odd impression that it thinks it is scoring propaganda points. It isn't so amusing when there are hostages involved.
Iran has released a second letter from kidnapped British soldier Faye Turney in which she calls on Tony Blair to withdraw British troops from Iraq.

The letter was released by the Iranian embassy in London, which stated that Turney was the author.

"Isn't it time for us to start withdrawing our forces from Iraq and let them determine their own future?" said the letter, addressed to the British parliament.

Turney's release is on hold after Iran accused Britain of having an "incorrect attitude".

The move comes on the day when Iranian television released footage of the operation to seize the 15 British naval personnel last week and presented what it claimed was evidence of the Britons encroaching into Iranian territory.

But Britain said the sailors and marines were detained in Iraqi waters and said global positioning data proved its position.

he announcement that Turney's release is on hold by the head of Iran's supreme national security council Ali Larijani reperesented a clear u-turn and dashed hopes that the 26-year-old mother would be released "very soon".

But Mr Larijani said on state television today: "It was announced that a woman in the group would be freed, but (this development) was met with an incorrect attitude. Naturally, (the release) will be suspended and it will not take place."
The hostage crisis also took a sinister new turn today as a hate mob in Tehran demanded that the 15 captured British Navy personnel be hanged.

Protesters waved placards demanding "15 British aggressors must be executed" outside the foreign ministry.[...]
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