Monday, March 05, 2007

Iran: A defection, more nuclear bluster, "Subhuman Zionist Dungeons," etc.

The Blotter: "Kidnapped or Defected? Top Iranian General Disappears":
The mysterious disappearance of an Iranian general in Turkey in early February has led to speculation he either was kidnapped or defected.

Iran has reportedly asked Interpol to investigate the general's disappearance. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was quoted by Iran's news agency today as saying that a foreign ministry official was currently in Turkey to investigate the disappearance and has asked the Turkish government "to inquire into the issue and give explanation on Asgari's whereabouts."

One respected analyst with sources in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard says Gen. Ali Reza Asgari has defected and is now in a European country with his entire family, where he is cooperating with the U.S. [...]

"This is a fatal blow to Iranian intelligence," said the source, explaining that Asgari knows sensitive information about Iran's nuclear and military projects. Iran called tens of its Revolutionary Guard agents working at embassies and cultural centers in Arab and European countries back to Tehran out of fear that Asgari might disclose secret information about their identities, according to the analyst. [...]
(h/t: Protein Wisdom) Update: Captain's Quarters now has a good post about this story.

Reuters via Daily Times (Pakistan): "Iran to issue new banknote with atomic symbol":
Iran, embroiled in a row with the West over its nuclear ambitions, will issue a new banknote this month carrying an atomic symbol, newspapers reported on Sunday.

The new note for 50,000 rials, worth the equivalent of about $5.40, will be the largest in circulation when it becomes available on March 12.

Images of the banknote published in newspapers showed one side with an atomic symbol of electrons in orbit. The other side carried a picture of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, like other notes. Iran is facing mounting pressure over its nuclear plans, which the West says is a project to build atomic bombs despite Tehran’s insistence its aims are peaceful. A central bank official was quoted by the business daily Poul as saying 50 to 60 designs were put forward before the current design was chosen by Economy Minister Davoud Danesh-Jafari. It did not give a reason for his choice.
And don't forget that Ahmadinejad has declared April 9 to be "Nuclear Technology Day." (h/t: Simply Jews)

IRIB Radio: "Subhuman Zionist Dungeons Give Rise to Fatal Diseases Amongst Palestinian Hostages":
The unhygienic and subhuman conditions in Zionist dungeons have given rise to deadly diseases especially cancer at unprecedented levels amongst the Palestinian hostages. According to news sources from the usurped land of Palestine, Leader of the Movement for Support of Palestinian Prisoners, Isa Qaraqae, said Monday: Palestinian hostage, Bashshar Salahat from the city of Nablus is in a state of coma while another hostage Salem ash-Shaer of Gaza is suffering from lung cancer.

He added that as many as 25 of the Palestinian hostages in Zionist dungeons have been diagnosed with cancer.

In related news, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in its statement called for the trial of Zionist leaders for their crimes against humanity including subhuman treatment of Palestinian hostages.

It said that a Palestinian hostage recently lost his eyesight in Zionist dungeons, where more than 9000 Palestinians are currently languishing.
"Subhuman Zionist Dungeons," I like the sound of that.

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