Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IRNA: "Global arrogance trying to sow discord among Muslims"

"Global arrogance trying to sow discord among Muslims"--is that a classic Iranian press title or what? Sort of like seeing a Korean News article entitled "Intensified Actions against Imperialists' Ideological and Cultural Poisoning Called for."
An Iranian official said here Monday that the global arrogance, after failure of its policies in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, is trying to sow discord among different Muslim sects.

Head of International Committee for Supporting Palestinian People, Ali-Akbar Mohtashamipour, made the remark while addressing the 5th International Qods Conference.

He warned Muslims against Zionists conspiracies aimed at sowing discord among various Islamic sects.

The Holy Qods is the axis of Muslims' unity, he said stressing, "The victory of Qods is the victory of the entire Muslim world." He laid emphasis on following the late Imam Khomeini's path until freedom of Palestinians from the oppression of the Zionist regime and liberation of the Holy Qods.

The three-day conference kicked off in the Algerian capital Monday with participation of over 200 political and religious figures from different Arab and Islamic states.

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