Wednesday, March 28, 2007

IRIB: "Mashal urges Arab summit to be brave"

The Left seems to think that the Palestinians are extending the olive branch of peace at the moment:
The Arab League summit is a good chance for a "Palestinian-Arab unity" to defend the rights of the Palestinian nation, Khaled Mashal, Head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, said on Wednesday.

According to Qods News Agency, Mashal expressed hope that the Arab League summit would have positive outcomes for the Palestinian cause.

"We expect leaders of the Arab world to take a brave stance and work towards unity and take the required practical steps to break the seige on the Palestinian nation," he said.

"The Arab leaders must in a united stance recognize officially the Palestinian Unity Government and cooperate with it," he added.

He stressed that the Arabs must respect the Palestinians' national rights, adding, "We are against giving concessions. The process of giving concessions must end."

Mashal reiterated that Hamas will never relinquish Qods city or al-Aqsa mosque and the right of the Palestinian refugees.

Referring to the leadership crisis in the Zionist regime's cabinet, the Head of Hamas Political Bureau said, "Currently, the Zionist enemy is facing leadership crisis and only two percent of the Zionist community accept Ehud Olmert as a good option for regaining the Zionist regime's premier post.
Those eagerly searching for signs of moderation from Hamas should also not forget about the loveable folks at Islamic Jihad: "Islamic Jihad warns Arab League"
Islamic Jihad rejected in advance Tuesday any decisions that might be adopted at the imminent Arab League summit in Riyadh that could lead to the recognition of the Zionist regime.

"Any decisions or initiatives accepting the existence of the Zionist entity are an affront to our people, and we consider them illegal," Islamic Jihad announced in a statement.

Elsewhere in the statement the movement reiterated its position that it would never recognise the Zionist regime and vowed to continue its struggle against the regime.

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