Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mehr News: "Iran warns EU about 'unmeasured statements' on British soldiers"

More creepy attempts to use the hostages to control what is said.
In a statement issued on Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry formally asked European countries to “seriously avoid unmeasured and irresponsible statements” over the British sailors held by Iran.

to Iranian armed forces arrested 15 British marines and sailors on March 23 after they illegally entered Iran’s territorial waters in the northern Persian Gulf.

Pointing to convincing and unambiguous documents about the trespassing of Iran’s territorial waters by the British navy personnel, the Foreign Ministry advised European Union to study the existing documents before expressing “illogical support” to Britain.

The ministry warned the EU to avoid “unwelcome intervention” in a subject which is of “completely bilateral nature” and urged EU to “encourage the British government to adopt bilateral approaches for resolving the problem and seriously avoid any move which would lead to a more complication and prolongation of the matter.”

Gathering in Bremen, Germany, on Friday EU foreign ministers gave their full support to Britain and claimed that the arrest of the sailors and marines amounted to a breach of international law.

“The European Union deplores the continued arrest of 15 British citizens and underlines the EU's unconditional support for the government of the United Kingdom,” the EU statement said.

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