Wednesday, March 14, 2007

(North) Korean News: "Abe's Shameless Malarkey Refuted"

No, this isn't an attack on the ADL:
Japanese Prime Minister Abe's reckless remarks aimed to throw the past crimes committed by Japan into the limbo of oblivion remind one of the saying that "Leopards don't change their spots," observes a Minju Joson analyst Wednesday.

Noting that he totally negated Japan's past crimes, letting loose a string of rubbish woefully lacking common knowledge, the analyst goes on:

This cannot be interpreted otherwise than the revelation of the intention to repeat the past history of bloody crimes.

Abe, truth to tell, is under moral obligation to roll up sleeves to settle Japan's past crimes including those committed by his own forefathers. However, he is behaving quite contrary.

Not to admit one's wrongs means that one would repeat them. Japan's non-admittance to the crimes related to the "comfort women" for the Imperial Japanese Army is little short of its open declaration to the world that it would again launch into a militarist aggression overseas and commit such extra-large crimes against humanity as sexual slavery.

It is not surprising to hear such malarkey totally denying past crimes from Abe who has inherited the lineage of a militarist family. What is serious, however, is that Japan has reached so dangerous a phase in rushing toward militarist reaction.

Japan's full-dressed moves to revise the "Pacifist Constitution" under Abe's baton, visits to the "Yasukuni Shrine" and total negation of the past crimes committed by Japan cannot be construed otherwise than acts targeted at overseas aggression.
The mindset that produced this article will forever be a closed world to you and me, B"H.

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