Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tehran Times: "Iran determined to reach 'pinnacles of success'"

Try reading Ahmadinejad's statements out loud in a sort-of Borat voice:
President Mahmud Ahmadinejad advised the Western powers to stop creating commotion over Iran's nuclear program, saying that they will become more hated in the eyes of the nations if they continue to stand in the way of Iran's progress.

"With their own actions they disgrace themselves and increase the indignations of the nations," Ahmadinejad told well-wishers in capital city of Yazd.

"Iranian nation is standing firm to defend its rights in the face of (imperialistic) powers." He told the Western powers: "Don't create problems."

"Iranian nation is standing firm and united. "You should know that all these psychological onslaught and commotions will lead to nowhere. They (arrogant powers) have adopted a wrong path."

"They become angry at any nation that insists on its rights. We tell them that your anger will have no effect on the determination of the Iranian nation."

The president added that the Iranian people have made their decision to achieve the "pinnacles of success."

The arrogant powers cannot do any harm to the Iranian nation, he noted, adding, "Don't create problems for yourselves."

"Enemies have said their intention is to isolate Iran while they themselves have become isolated in the world," Ahmadinejad stated.

"Who are you to say that you want to isolate the Iranian nation?"

He added the "bullying powers are isolated internationally and hated by nations."

Some years ago Latin America was considered the U.S. backyard and the White House put dictators in powers in these countries but today the situation has changed and the people protest President George W. Bush's visit to these countries, he said.

"This shows that the arrogant powers have become isolated and we tell the bullying powers that if you continue with your misbehavior you will become more isolated."

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