Sunday, August 23, 2009

"In Front of his Steadfast Home the Leader of the Revolution Receives Abd al Bassat al Megrahi, His Family Members and Gives Statement"

The release of the Lockerbie bomber is getting a lot of attention lately. The Independent currently has an article entitled "Al-Megrahi is home. And he is innocent" as well as a Robert Fisk piece entitled "For the truth, look to Tehran and Damascus – not Tripoli." As usual, we thought you might like to sample some of the coverage from the relevant dictatorship's own news agencies. So if Megrahi is innocent, why does this Gadaffi rant seem to stress some sort of double-standard in connection with the evil Bulgarian nurses?
As for the other side, we would like to tell them:

When Libya took up the responsibility and commuted the death sentence against the Bulgarian medical team to life imprisonment, and I took up the responsibility in response to my friend President Sarkozy, and for France we turned the team that is convicted of mass murder to serve life imprisonment in Bulgaria.

However, the world was stunned that the team, convicted of the hideous crime, was pardoned even before landing at the airport in Bulgaria, the President of Bulgaria was at the forefront of those to greet them, they were greeted as heroes, since they killed 400 innocent Libyan children and infected them with the AIDS virus.

Then, unfortunately, the European parliament welcomed the convicted team with a standing ovation, as if they were heroes.

We haven't we heard any protests on the exoneration of the convicted team? And why there was no talk that this would hurt the feelings of the families of the Libyan victims?

As for now with the release of Abdelbaset from prison, unfortunately illogical voices were raised, saying this hurts the feelings of families of the Lockerbie victims!!

Are we without any feelings, and they have feelings?!...Are we donkeys and they are humans?!

This is the double standard politics, this is an encroachment, this is arrogance and contempt for other nations, of their public opinion and humanity.

This is what brings about injustice and the terrorism they are now facing.

Terrorism is a phenomena that has justifications, which is the double standard politics. [...]
Do you suppose there is anyone brave enough in Libya to tell the Leader of the Revolution that these might not be the most well-considered remarks ever made?

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