Thursday, August 13, 2009

Iran "calls for ban on attack on nuclear installations"

They can't grant your request if you don't ask, right?
A senior Iranian nuclear official said the Islamic Republic of Iran has called for a ban of any militant attacks on nuclear installations.

Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency Ali-Asghar Soltanieh made the remarks in a press conference.

Soltanieh said that Iran expects member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency to support the Iranian proposal to thwart the international concerns over the issue.

Iran has already made the proposal to UN nuclear agency.

Asked about coincidence of Iran’s proposal with Israeli threats to attack Iran, Soltanieh replied: "We’re not concerned about Israel. No one dares do any aggression against Iran."
That article, English translation and all, is courtesy of IRIB. They are so into self-sufficiency in Iran that they even serve as their own MEMRI. We also learn at IRIB that Iran is making progress on the invisibility front:
The Commander of Iran's Ground Forces says Iran has managed to become self-sufficient in manufacturing weapons that are not detectable by the enemies.

"The Ground Forces are using all their power to develop innovative 'untraceable' weapons and we have become completely self-sufficient in manufacturing weapons that could not be detected by the enemies' reconnaissance systems," Fars news agency quoted Brig. Gen. Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan as saying.

He noted that the "transformation plan" being implemented in the Ground Forces has led to the self-sufficiency in different fields, including electronic and communication warfare. [...]
Recent editions of Haveil Havalim here and here demonstrate self-sufficiency in communication warfare.

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