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Iran Foreign Minister: "Britain has the darkest history of interference in Iran’s elections"

Some denunciation of the Middle-sized Satan:
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said from all western countries, Britain has the darkest history of interference in Iran’s elections.

Making the remarks while addressing worshipers prior to the weekly Friday Prayers, he highlighted the hostile attitude of Britain towards all issues related the Islamic Republic of Iran and said London’s interventionist plots have always met failure thanks to the resistance of the Iranian nation.

He further noted that all those foreign TV networks and channels which taught the ways of creating unrest, making explosive and other forms of hooligan actions during the programs had actually involved and had a hand in all the crimes and the murders committed in Iran after the recent elections and had to answer for their actions.

Saying that some western countries failed to leave an acceptable record of behavior after the presidential elections in Iran, the Foreign Minister said they mobilized all there means and potentials to interfere in Iranian elections but failed.

He said the western countries had come to believe that the Islamic Republic was stuck in a situation using which they could create yet other evil conditions for Iran but, much to their dismay and interestingly enough, they had to ultimately admit that in their classified documents and reports that Iran enjoyed complete stability. [...]
Sometimes a headline on one of the Iranian press sites almost sounds like a left-wing blog post title. According to a PressTV headline: "Israel pulls anti-Semitism card on Venezuela":
Tel Aviv has accused the administration Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of cooperating with Israel's enemies and supporting anti-Semitism.

On the last leg of his South American tour, hawkish Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman expressed concern about the collaboration between Chavez and what he called "radical branches of Islam".

The remark follows Israel's claim that Venezuela hosts cells of Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah - an allegation that that Tel Aviv has so far failed to prove.

Dorit Shavit, who accompanies Lieberman on his 10-day visit, made the same claim in Argentina, which is home to the largest Jewish community in the region. [...]
A good rule, often, about headlines in the Iranian Press is that the truth is the opposite of what the headline claims. A Fars headline reads "Ahmadinejad: No Differences between Supreme Leader, President":
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the enemies' dream of seeing differences between the Supreme Leader and the president of Iran would never come true.

The president made the remark in northeastern city of Mashhad on Friday while addressing an academic and research gathering of the faculty members of Iranian universities.

He stressed that his relationship to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei was that of a son with his father based on beliefs, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Noting that in the past few days a few people have been trying to make the false impression of differences between the Supreme Leader and the president, he said, such people were ignorant of the fact that the essence of the relationship between the two could never be contained within the format of administrative and political interaction due to the fact that it was deeply rooted in love and beliefs and resembled the feeling existing between a father and his son.

Ahmadinejad said the evil souls who were trying to make such an impression in the society would inevitably meet failure and carry such a dream with themselves to graves.

Stressing the different nature of the notion of "elections" in two systems of liberal thinking and the thinking which focused on following the guidelines of the Supreme Leader, he also said elections in the system of the Islamic Republic was held as a part of general route leading to progress, sublimity and ideal-seeking spirit of the Iranian nation.

The president said the recent elections in Iran in fact challenged the dominance of wealth, partisanism and media as tools of the hegemonic powers in ruling the society and introduced a new model of progress to the whole humanity and that is exactly why west is so angry with Iran. [...]
Now progressives all over the world are clamoring for the system of thinking which focuses on following the guidelines of the Supreme Leader!

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