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PressTV (Iran): "Iran uncovers 'Zionist plot' against defense nominee"

Iranian headlines are full of "plots." Actually, I suppose there is a "Zionist" interest in this guy--he's wanted by Interpol for involvement in the AMIA bombing:
Iran says the international reaction to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's nominee for defense minister is a "Zionist plot" to undermine the new Iranian administration.

"[Ahmad] Vahidi was a deputy defense minister and this is a very senior political position," Ahmadinejad's press adviser, Ali-Akbar Javanfekr, told AFP. "Therefore it seems that this is a new trick being planned and is basically a Zionist plot."

His comments came after Argentina expressed outrage Friday over the defense minister-designate claiming that he is wanted in connection with the bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish Community Center, which left 85 dead and wounded more than 300 others.

Ahmadinejad's 'tapping' Ahmad Vahidi for the post is "an affront to Argentine justice and the victims of the terrorist attack", the Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Buenos Aires has formally accused Iran of carrying out the attack. Tehran strongly denies any involvement in the bombing.

Vahidi along with six other Iranian officials have been on Interpol's list since 2007 in connection with the bombing.

US officials reacted with concern to Vahidi's nomination as Iran's defense minister.

"If this report is true and if this man is confirmed as a cabinet minister and is wanted by Interpol for his involvement in a terrorist act, of course this would be disturbing," State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said.

However, Javanfekr dismissed the allegations, asking, "How come they have never brought this up in the past?" [...]
Such eloquence. Meanwhile, plots, plots, plots. A Fars News headline features its own "Managing Director," who "Thanks Iranians for Defusing Enemies' Plots":
Fars News Agency Managing Director Hamid Reza Moqaddamfar lauded the Iranian people for foiling enemies' plots during the recent post-election events in Iran.

"In recent events, the enemies strove to sow discord between the (Iranian) people and government but they failed and were disappointed due to the Iranians' lack of care and attention (to their remarks and allegations)," Moqaddamfar said in a televised round table.

He reiterated that during the recent unrests in Iran the main aim of the enemies was to disunite the people.

A number of Iranian officials and analysts believe that the foreign countries specially the US and Britain were seeking to create a velvet revolution in Iran by interfering in the recent unrests.

Elaborating on the difference between a military coup and a soft revolution, Moqaddamfar reiterated that they have many similarities but in the tools.

"In the military coup a military occupation happens but in the soft revolution the public opinion is occupied. In a soft coup (or revolution) the media are the leader and direct the public opinion." [...]
Meanwhile, we learn at IRIB Radio that Ramadan is the "Month of Resistance against Arrogance." That doesn't have anything to do with religious ethics, however:
President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Tehran on Saturday evening that blessed Ramadhan is the month of resistance against the bullying and expansionist powers. According to IRNA, he made the remarks while hosting an Iftar or fast-breaking ceremony for orphans.

The President felicitated the nation on the advent of blessed Ramadhan and expressed hope that all problems would be solved through strong trust in Almighty God.

Dr. Ahmadinejad deplored the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the Americans and the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the two countries, saying President George W. Bush who launched the disastrous wars was certainly distanced from the Lord and followed the Satan.
I thought he was the leader of the Big Satan. I'm confused . . .

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