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ISNA: "Ahmadinejad expresses regret certain neighbors help Zionists"

Regrettable indeed. Neighbors have even been known to lend Zionists a cup of flour. We also learn that "Today human being has crossed the border of superpowers":
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed regret that certain neighboring countries are helping Zionists under the name of Islam.

Speaking in the 7th international conference to commemorate "the week of mosques" on Sunday, Ahmadinejad said "these countries are providing Zionists with facilities to suppress regional nations, but we hope they would be aware and join other unified nations."

Elsewhere, he moved to catastrophes in Iraq and Afghanistan and said" we witness how they attacked the oppressed people of Afghanistan and Iraq, killed or displaced thousands of people." [...]

He continued the era of establishment of empire through force, media and weapon is over.

"Today human being has crossed the border of superpowers and nations do not recognize formulas of super-powers."
Assad is visiting Iran. So the Iranian press is filled with articles such as this one at IRIB Radio entilted: "Supreme Leader: Iran and Syria Symbols of Resistance in Middle East":
The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with Syrian president, Bashar Al-Asad in Tehran on Wednesday stressed that current conditions in the middle east favour 'the resistance front', to the detriment of the United States and those countries which follow US policies. In a meeting on Wednesday with Syrian president, Bashar Al-Asad, the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, emphasized that the Iran-Syria alliance is the symbol of resistance within this region. He added: "The result of this alliance, and its effect, can be seen clearly in places such as Occupied Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq , and indeed the entire middle east region".

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Supreme Leader referred to the arrogant (colonialist ) powers efforts to break 'the resistance front' and their efforts to weaken the resilience of , stressing that these efforts have so far failed, and that US power is waning within the region.

In further remarks, the Supreme Leader said the Zionist regime, despite its media hype, is facing a plethora of internal difficulties (problems) , and is weakening day by day.

For his part, the Syrian president, Bashar Al-Asad stressed the strategic nature of Tehran-Damascus relationship , and emphasized that conditions in the region favour 'the resistance and resilience front' . President Asad stressed that Western countries, particularly the United States , are grappling with a large number of domestic problems at home, in addition to huge numbers of problems which have arisen because of their policies within the region. He pointedly added: "The U.S. has achieved nothing , not even in Lebanon".

In further remarks, Pres. Assad said Western were taught a great lesson ( the hard way), when they failed to achieve their objectives in post-election events in Iran.
Iran even came out 280,000 dollars ahead on the deal. At Fars, we learn about "Cultural Officials Responsible for Monitoring Enemy's Soft Threats." This would seem to involve something they call "propagation":
Monitoring enemy's soft threats is among the most crucial responsibilities of the cultural officials, an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) General said on Wednesday.

"The propagation officials should prevent or fight these threats," Deputy Representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to IRGC General Mohammad Ali Asoudi said.

Asoudi described propagation as the most comprehensive field of activity of his department and the main pillar for the growth and promotion of any organization.

He also urged cultural directors and propagation officials to fulfill their responsibilities with utmost vigilance. [...]
Look out, soft threats, Iran is propagating!

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