Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iran to France: More groveling needed for Reiss release

France has to sound as contrite as she was forced to:
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi on Wednesday condemned the remarks made by the French foreign minister about the trial of a French national in Iran, reminding that the culprit has confessed to her crimes and even apologized to the Iranian nation for her actions.

"In addition to an undeniable body of evidence, Miss. Reiss has clearly confessed to her crimes and violations during several court proceedings and has apologized to the Iranian people in this regard," Qashqavi announced in reaction to Bernard Kouchner's public remarks over the case.

"Despite realities, unfortunately France's officials, particularly its Foreign Ministry officials, have sought in various interviews to manipulate and change the realities about the causes of her detention in a bid to portray her detention as a political reaction by the Islamic Republic of Iran's officials," Qashqavi said.

"Such an assessment is partial and illogical," the spokesman went on saying.

Kuchner acknowledged on Monday that the French government paid "around euro200,000" ($280,000) in bail for freedom of Clotilde Reiss, adding he hoped to get the money back.

"Of course we hope to be reimbursed because she is innocent and that will be recognized," Kouchner told LCI television, adding that he wasn't sure when the verdict would be delivered or when Reiss could return to France.
I think they can say "Au revoir" to that money.
"We can expect, we must expect, a verdict that recognizes her innocence," he added,

Reiss was arrested at a Tehran airport on July 1 on charges of espionage as she tried to leave Iran after spending five months in the central city of Isfahan. The French national was held in a Tehran prison where other detainees of Iran's post-election unrests were kept.

An indictment raised by the deputy Prosecutor-General of Tehran's public and revolutionary courts charged Reiss with acting against Iran's national security by participating in street riots, collecting news and information and pictures from the riots and sending them to the scientific attaché of the French embassy in Tehran.

During her court hearing on July 8, she admitted to her crimes and asked the court and the Iranian people for clemency.

"I apologize to the Iranian people and court and I hope the people and the court forgive me," she said.
"Is there anything else you'd like me to say? Can I leave now?" she added.

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