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Iran holds "Nat'l music festival of Resistance"

Is this the greatest musical event since the "Martyr's Symphony"?
National music festival of Resistance began in Kermanshah on Saturday.

"Giving a chance for unknown musicians and music groups to show their abilities is one of our goals," secretary of the first national music festival of Resistance, Mirzamani said.

"85 music groups sent their works to the secretariat, and 16 of them have been qualified for the festival." he added. [...]
I wonder where the "resistance" comes in? Also at IRIB, we learn of a "'Right of Return' gathering" in Jordan:
Participants of a political gathering held in Jordan under the title of "Right of Return" stressed Saturday on the legitimate right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

Giving strong support to the Palestinian refugees, the participants reiterated that "Right of return is a legal demand which could not be ignored or compromised on." [...]

The statement also described resistance as the best and only way for paving the way for refugees to return to their motherland.

Stressing on the importance of unity and solidarity of the Palestinian nation, the participants emphasized that the united holy Qods is Palestine's capital city.

They rejected any plan which ignores the legitimate right of return. [...]
I guess the subtext of this is that Jordan would like to get rid of its Palestinians. Meanwhile, IRIB Radio has a headline quoting Ahmadinejad on Obama's plan to "engage" Iran: "Defeated West Pleading Iran for Amicable Ties." What "defeated" the West? Iran's glorious election?
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday now that the western powers have been defeated they are interested in friendly ties with the Iranian nation. [...]

On the riots that rocked parts of northern Tehran after the 10th presidential elections, Dr. Ahmadinejad said that western regimes thought that their meddling in Iran's domestic affairs could damage the Islamic Republic system and the people. [...]

He said the current atmosphere of hue and cry is an indication of the defeat of the enemies of the Islamic Republic, and made it clear that the time of dictatorship and domineering policies is long past.
Yes, the forces of "dictatorship" are on show-trial in Iran, even as we speak. According to another IRIB Radio headline: "Venezuela Warns of US Plot to Turn Colombia into another Israel":
Venezuela's ambassador to Tehran, David Velasquez, by referring to 200 years of popular resistance in Latin America against colonialist powers, said the US wants to turn Colombia into another Israel in the region. According to IRNA, Velasquez, who was talking with reporters in city of Hamedan on Saturday evening on the sidelines of the First International Conference on Resistance, said the colonialists are plotting to start confrontation once again, "but our experiences have taught us how to resist and thwart their plots."

He said ties between Iran and Venezuela are firm and solid, and the two countries refuse to bow to US dictates.

In view of Iran's impeccable revolutionary spirit and rich culture, said Velasquez, Venezuela is determined to further expand its relations with the Islamic Republic.
There are plots everywhere. Another headline explains: "Iran Exposed to Western Plots Because of Support for Palestinians."
Secretary General of Palestine's People liberation Front, Ahmad Jibraeel, expressing appreciation of Iran's support of Palestinian ideals said, the Islamic Republic has bravely faced conspiracies and pressures of the domineering powers in this regard.

According to a report by the German news agency from Ramallah, West Bank, he said on Saturday that the animosity of western regime towards Iran is because the Islamic Republic, in contrast to Arab regimes, is not indifferent to the plight of the oppressed people of Palestine.

This Palestinian leader also criticized holding the 6th conference of Fatah movement in Beit Lahm saying the aim of this gathering is allow mercenaries such as Mohammad Dahlan to become members of Fatah leadership council in order to weaken the Palestinian's ideals.

Jibraeel called the liberation of Gaza by Hamas, a beginning for Palestine freedom and added: for the first time a part of Palestine is free from the control of occupiers.
Try asserting that at Daily Kos . . .

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