Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Traffic Control Platform beneath Umbrella Installed at Intersections of Pyongyang"

Another great leap forward! The umbrellas shield the female traffic cops from the heat. North Korea is pulling far ahead of primitive Imperialist traffic-control technology:
Unique platforms under umbrellas are being set up in traffic control posts at intersections of Pyongyang these days, attracting attention of people.

The round platform under well-shaped large umbrella is clearly seen at far distance.

The umbrella shields the traffic controllers from sunrays and rain and the platform shuts out heat from the heated asphalt.

The female traffic controllers are commanding the traffic with a bright face on the platform under the umbrella even in the hottest period of summer.

Passers-by stop walking for a while to see the new scene.

They say it can be seen only in the country led by Kim Jong Il.

The traffic controllers are moved by the warm affection shown for them by General Secretary Kim Jong Il who saw to it that the platforms with umbrellas are being set up this time after raincoats, rain boots, sunglasses, gloves and cosmetics as well as seasonal uniforms were provided to them.
The latest Haveil Havalim is also clearly seen at far distance.

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