Monday, August 17, 2009

Yemen Times: "Remaining Jews of Yemen gradually leave ancestral homeland"

There are some interesting ironies here. I'm sure it is true that the Jews of Yemen, as the article explains, don't have much to do with Zionism. They carefully explain that they have "nothing to do with the Jews in Israel" as they nervously fumble for that plane ticket.
Yemen’s religious diversity is under threat with many of the remaining Jews in the district of Raida in Amran preparing to leave for Israel, some in the next few days, according to Rabbi Yahya Yousef.

In Amran, there are only 250 Yemeni Jews left. Yemen’s Jews are thought to have roots dating back nearly 3,000 years to King Solomon. [...]

“Up until now, nothing has been done to protect the Jews in Amran,” said Rabbi Yahya Yousef.

Little has been done to help the sidelined Yemeni Jews integrate into mainstream society to safeguard a historical heritage that dates back centuries.

Although the government boasts support and tolerance to the Jews, it has been slow to fulfill its promise of providing them with safe havens. The only step the government has taken so far is to resettle some families in the Tourist City. [...]

"We are Arabs, we are Yemenis, we have nothing to do with the Jews in Israel," Ibrahim Al-Nahari, [nephew of Moshe Yaish Al-Nahari] previously said to the Yemen Times when asked if he would like to immigrate to the US or Israel.

"They won’t find a place like Yemen," said Rabbi Yahya Yousef, lamenting their departure.

"I will never leave Yemen," he said.
"Excuse me, did you see where I put my boarding pass?" he added.

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