Thursday, August 13, 2009

Iranian Students News Agency: Venezuela attends First International Big Prize Festival of Islamic Resistance

The original title for this article is pretty cute, actually: "Hamas right path to result in triumph for Palestine: Hamas rep":
Palestinian Hamas Movement representative to Tehran Abu Osama Abdul Moti said the movement's right path will result in triumph and freedom for Palestine.

On the verge of the 3rd anniversary of Hezbollah victory in the 33-day war with Israel, Abu Osama told the staff of the First International Big Prize Festival of Islamic Resistance, "we witnessed how coward Israeli troops tried to enter into Gaza as Israel was bombarding the area through air, land and sea for 22 days, but the God helped Gazans to resist against Zionists and be an honor for Palestinians, Islamic nation and all freedom-seekers."

"Zionist regime and its allies tried to force us to recognize Israel through holding election and formation of Hamas government, but Hamas stood fast to its approach and goal," he added.

Abu Osama continued Zionist regime wanted to overthrow Gaza Strip's legitimate government through the 22-day war to pave the way for the corrupt security systems of Ramallah's black government to rule Gaza, but Israeli army was defeated and its goals were foiled.

The Director of the First International Big Prize Festival of Islamic Resistance Mohammad Javad Ramezani said over 26 countries with 684 works on scientific and visual domains have attended the festival.

Syria, China, Russia, Romania, Venezuela, Pakistan and Brazil have taken part in the event.

He also added 427 papers, 300 websites, 15 computer games, 511 visual arts and 25 software programs were delivered to the event.
We can only imagine what Venezuela contributed. You may have seen something about this PressTV headline that Netanyahu was "behind Obama birth rumors":
The Israeli government has allegedly used its influence in American politics to strengthen the rumors about US President Barack Obama's birthplace.

On Monday, well-known investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's entrenched alliance with the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), various neoconservative groups and fundamentalist Christian organizations had made it "very easy for him to bring this whole canard back" about allegations that Obama has been born in Kenya rather than the United States. [...]
Masden also alerted the world to the Zionist plot to colonize Iraq, so he's PressTV's kind of source. Meanwhile, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani declared that "the US ailing diplomacy is doomed to failure vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic of Iran":
Iran's Majlis Speaker, Dr. Ali Larijani said in the open session of the Majlis on Wednesday that the US ailing diplomacy is doomed to failure vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to IRIB, referring to the recent statements by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton during which she admitted Washington's support for post-election riots in Tehran, Larijani said these proclamations proved their insatiable greed to meddle in the country's internal affairs.
Don't tell Obama, he'll feel bad. I mean, we all kind of like him--we just wish he had smarter policy ideas.

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