Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your daily "Vigilance against Enemy Plots"

Talk about having the look to go with the story! Any psychological warfare you try on this guy is gonna be right back atcha:
A senior Iranian law enforcement official on Tuesday cautioned against enemies' different methods to confront the Islamic Republic of Iran, and called for vigilance against such moves.

"The enemy uses different methods for confronting the Islamic Republic and psychological warfare is its most important method," General Ali Reza Jazini, an Iranian top police official, said.

"Since ancient times, psychological warfare has been used. Inspiring disappointment and hopelessness as well as intimidation and fright are among the main goals of psychological operations," the commander warned.

Jazini underlined that economic war, attacking the country's culture, undermining Iran's scientific power and progress are among other methods used by the enemies to confront the Islamic Republic.

Commenting upon the ways to defuse such plots, the General said, "To confront the enemy, threats should first be identified, remembering that social, political and cultural soft threats are of prime importance."
Some days I don't have much enthusiasm for World Arrogance blogging. Those must be the days when they're being vigilant.

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