Saturday, February 12, 2011

Angry Arab's new "Tunnel" theme

They all have a gloating tone. Here is the most recent:
I have received word that the Egyptian train service will now be going through the Gaza tunnels. Please purchase your tickets in advance. Tunnels have been crowded in the last few days as tanks have been making their way.
Here is the previous one:
Please, please. Those who are entering through the Gaza tunnels, try to observe the newly-installed traffic lights to avoid traffic jams. We need to get organized
And the one before that:
I was thinking: it is now possible to "smuggle" a shopping mall through the Gaza tunnels.
And yet another one:
Volunteers are needed in the Gaza tunnels to help deal with added traffic especially as sixteen wheels trucks are now busy transporting "goods" into Gaza.
And before that:
Name the biggest tunnels in the world as of today? The Gaza tunnels of course.
It is fair to say that fighter jets will now be smuggled through the Gaza tunnels. Ha
And now one on a non-tunnel subject . . . just joking!
2 million Egyptians are missing: they entered through the Gaza tunnels.
There is probably an element of fantasy to these posts, but AA is not alone, I'm sure, in harboring this sort of fantasy. And there might be some truth there, too. Who knows? He is itching to see Hamas with a much-improved arsenal although that would not be such great news for a population largely viewed as martyrdom fodder by its current overlords. AA doesn't care.

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