Saturday, February 26, 2011

North Korea explains what's wrong with capitalism

A recent Washington Post headline reads "Starving N. Korea begs for food," but the North Korean Press still proclaims the superiority of its economic system:
[...] The bourgeoisie in the West regard human beings as no more than a means for material production and worthless beings able to work which can be traded as commodities.

The power in the capitalist society is not in the hands of the toiling masses who account for the overwhelming majority of the population but in those of a tiny handful of the privileged circles.

The moneyless and poor in the capitalist society can never have any opportunity to become a managing official of the state no matter how able they are.

The means of production in the capitalist society are in the hands of a tiny handful of capitalists, not in those of the toiling masses. They are used as means for bringing profits to the capitalists and tools for fleecing the people.

The bourgeoisie assert that the economic operation based on the private ownership of production means is the most effective managing method making it possible to enhance the producers' zeal for production and produce more goods per hour.

This is a reactionary doctrine aimed to reduce the toiling masses to de facto commodities and impose upon them the fate of being tools for material production.

The capitalists are further intensifying the exploitation of the workers with intelligence in the field of IT development by boosting their labor intensity.

They are utterly indifferent to the labor conditions and health of the workers.

They fire those workers without mercy when they get disabled and sick while on the job.

The life of the people in the capitalist countries is getting harder as various kinds of taxes are on the steady increase whereas the expenses for social measures are dwindling.

The toiling masses in the capitalist society are denied treatment as human beings and cannot enjoy a worthwhile life, much less holding their due status. It is only in the socialist society where the people can lead a genuine life as they are considered as the most valuable beings.
We also learn at (North) Korean News that "General Secretary Kim Jong Il received honorary title 'Great Defender' from the Loja City Government of Loja Province of Ecuador on the occasion of his birthday." Have a Songun week!

Update: Start off your Songun week with the latest Haveil Havalim.

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