Sunday, February 06, 2011

IRNA: "Egyptian protesters thank Iran for supporting freedom movement"

Iran generally appears as the beacon of freedom and democracy in its recent coverage of events in Egypt:
Masses of protestors in Egypt on Sunday thanked the Iranian nation for supporting the freedom movement in Egypt.

According to IRNA correspondents in Cairo, tens of thousands of Egyptian on Sunday continued their protests and called for regime change in Egypt to put an end to the conspiracies of the US against Arab nations.

During the demonstrations, the people pledged to continue with campaign to topple the US-backed regime.

An Egyptian citizen said people should also hold their protests in front of US and Zionist regime embassies.

Embassies of US, UK and Zionist regime have been under tight security control.

Another protester said reestablishment of brotherly ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Egypt would be in line with the interest of Muslim World.

Egypt as one of the leading countries in the Muslim World and should find its real status, said the protestor.

Egyptian people respect Iranian people and believe that Iran Embassy should reopen in Cairo as soon as possible. [...]
According to an IRIB headline "US bribed Mubarak to support 'Israel'":
A political analyst says the United States paid massive aid to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to get his support for Israel in the cost of abandoning Palestinian human rights.

"Israel is very connected to pretty much everything that goes on in the region in some way or another and is extremely connected to US policy" in the Middle East, Alison Weir, Executive Director of If Americans Knew, told Press TV on Saturday.

Since the beginning of its creation Israel has been seeking to establish a "military domination" in the region, to "divide and conquer" and is extremely opposed to any form of democracy in the Middle East region, she noted. [...]
Maybe Iran will invite her to their next rally to help "crash" a coffin labeled "liberal democracy."

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