Saturday, February 19, 2011

JANA (Libya): "Popular Rallies Continue to Assert Masses' Adherence to Leader of the Revolution"

The English version of JANA has been on the blink for months. Now it is back in action just in time to counter all those silly imperialist news reports of suppression of anti-government protests:
More popular and youth mass rallies from the different Shabias continued on Thursday to assert masses' adherence to the Leader of the Revolution and that there is no alternative other than the historic choice of the people's authority.

Popular and youth rallies in the basic people's congresses of Traghen, Fegal, Al-Zaitouna of Murzeq Shabia took out the streets and asserted their adherence to the leader.

Masses lifted portraits of the leader and green banner, and chanted with the life of Al-Fateh Revolution and its leader.

Popular and youth masses took out the streets in Wadi Al-Shati, Um Al-Araneb, Ghat and Sebha Shabias, Al-Jmail, Al-Gatroun who also asserted their adherence to the leader of the Revolution and that there is no alternative to the people's authority.
JANA's return was worth the wait, don't you think?

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