Sunday, February 06, 2011

Fars News: "Official Describes Uprising in Egypt as Result of West's Islamophobia Attempts"

The following Fars News article has been picked up by Memeorandum. In the coming days we are going to see clumsy attempts by various Iranian officials to connect events in Egypt with everything and anything on the Iranian agenda.
A senior Iranian official blasted the western countries for their attempts to propagate Islamophobia in the world, and said that such biased efforts made Egyptians revolt against their leaders.

"The current events in Egypt are the result of 30 years of attempts made by the western media to propagate Islamophobia," Head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines Mohammad Nahavandian told reporters on Saturday.

He also reiterated that when analyzing the conditions in Egypt, the western media are still making the very same mistake that they made before and try to propagate Islamophobia.

Nahavandian described the uprisings and movements in Egypt as an emphasis on the Islamic identity of the Egyptian nation, and said that the western media will not be able to understand this fact unless they come along with it. [...]

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