Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe . . .

Yes, Libyan students "took to the streets" in Washington to proclaim their undying loyalty to the Leader of the Revolution:
Libyan Students studying in the in the USA took to the streets of Washington to assure supporting the Leader of the Revolution and their adherence to People's Authority as a historic and strategic option and to confront any scheme targeting Libya's stability and its national security.

"The Libyan students raised portraits of the leader of the Revolution and green banners confirming loyalty to their leader, "Muammar al-Gathafi" and adherence to people's authority.

The students chanted long live the leader to realize more glories to the Libyan people and to promote its stability and national unity.

The Libyan students in the USA underlined in an allegiance document sent to the leader of the Revolution that they are following his pattern and that what has been transmitted by certain mass media to create division and discord make them closer to the leader and loyalty to him, the Revolution and the homeland.

Glory be to the Revolution and shame on traitors and agents".
In other revolutionary triumph news, we learn at Fars News that "the Opposition call for riots and unrests in Tehran failed to attract supporters and calm and everyday life prevailed in the Iranian capital as usual." Everything is also great in Bahrain:
The kingdom will emerge stronger than ever from this critical moment, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said as he received thousands of Bahrainis, who turned up in front of his palace to pledge allegiance, hailing his wise leadership.

HRH the Premier thanked the citizens, praising their patriotic feelings and loyalty to the leadership.
I like happy news.

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