Monday, February 21, 2011

JANA (Libya): Unrest in Libya "a scheme which has been declared previously by Israeli general ( Amos Yadeen )"

This is an article in two parts. Part one:
Some Libyan cities are exposed since last Tuesday to sabotage and burning operations targeting hospitals , banks , courts, prisons , Public Security Posts, Military Police Posts and other public installations and private properties .

Reliable sources said, in a statement today to Jamahiriya News Agency that these attacks aimed at blundering banks and burning of files of criminal cases in courts .

The sources added that these attacks on public security and military police posts aims at steeling arms and to use them .

These sources disclosed that Public Security organs were able to arrest dozens of foreign network elements trained to stir up chaos and to destabilize Libya's security and its national unity .

The same sources close to investigations indicated that these elements belong to the following nationalities : ( Tunisian , Egyptian , Sudanese , Turkish , Palestinian and Syrian ) who were asked to stimulate such violent actions according to a specific programs .
Part two:
These sources said that investigations are going on with the elements of this network which seems to be linked with a scheme which has been declared previously by Israeli general ( Amos Yadeen ) the former chief of Israeli Military Intelligence about the success of this body to implant spying cells in Libya , Tunisia , Morocco , Sudan , Egypt , Lebanon and Iran .

The former Chief of Israeli Military Intelligence said : '' The activities of these networks target components of these countries, adding that , these networks were actually able to provide us with what we want and that they are capable of negative influence on the situations in Libya , Tunisia , and Morocco , after the big achievement made in Iraq , Yemen , and Sudan , and very shortly in Lebanon ".

About Egypt, the Israeli General confirmed that our planed scheme since 1979 has succeeded in creating political, economic , security and military break through .

He went on to say : '' We have succeeded in stirring up tension and social and sectarian congestion to create a state of permanent division inside the Egyptian state and society ''.

( In Sudan, we have linked a sea route to finance separation forces in southern Sudan and we set up a n intelligence body to help them in realizing their project of establishing a state in the South and we have deployed other networks in the south and in Darfur capable of working endlessly).
I sometimes clean up the formatting of JANA articles, but all I did this time was to skip lines between "paragraphs." I wonder if JANA will be providing us with precious blog-fodder for too much longer. By the way, the General mentioned in the article is probably this fellow:Yasher Koach, General!

Update: Yasher Koach, also, for the latest Haveil Havalim.


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