Tuesday, February 08, 2011

PressTV: "Nasrallah exposes Israel's Egypt plot"

Khomeinist stooges are so eloquent on the subject of dictatorship:
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has revealed to the Arab and Islamic world another Israeli "scenario" regarding the Egyptian revolution.

"Israel is putting pressure on every political circle in the world to protect Mubarak's regime," Nasrallah said in his speech on Monday.

He noted that the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia have made Israel "reconsider its national security strategies" as it finds itself isolated in the Middle East after losing its regional allies, one by one.

Nasrallah warned that some accuse the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions of being the creations of the United States and its military and intelligence agencies.

The Hezbollah chief described such accusations as "unjust and an insult" to both North African nations.

"Who can believe that the US is deliberately trying to overthrow a regime that meets all the demands of the US administration, a regime which is protecting US interests and projects in the region?" he argued.

Nasrallah also warned the people and all resistance movements, "They (the US) are trying to present themselves as if they defend the people and their rights and will, after years of supporting one of the worst dictatorships that we have seen in our region."

As public opinion polls conducted by US academic institutions show, the majority of the people in the region are against US policies, he pointed out.

Nasrallah noted that as a result, "If people move against a regime in a certain country, the US administration will stand in the middle ground, and it will not support bloody confrontations with the people, because it knows the results will be catastrophic for itself and its allies."

"It tries to present itself as a protector of the people and tries to guarantee some kind of a transition of power to an authority or to a leadership, which preserves its relationship with it and protects its interests," he added.

Nasrallah explained that the US has no problem with the ideologies of the regimes and its only concern is that the regime should be committed to American and Israeli interests. [...]

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