Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ElBaradei avoids correctly stating Western and Israeli concerns

According to an AFP story entitled "ElBaradei tries to ease US, Israeli concerns":
"The hype that once Egypt becomes a democracy, it will become hostile to the US and hostile to Israel... these are the two hypes, and are fictions," ElBaradei told CBS News.
No, the worry is that it will have a one-time election and become an "Islamic Republic." If Egypt manages to become a functioning democracy, it will in all likelihood seek good relations with the other democracies. It just doesn't seem likely that it will--although I can't imagine a development that would make me more pleased to be wrong.

Another popular obfuscation of Western concerns is deployed in a recent Angry Arab post entitled "The sand niggers don't know how to establish democracy." Sometimes this is stated as the "racist" belief that Arabs "aren't capable of democracy." Of course, it isn't a question of whether Arabs are "capable" of democracy, but of how many actually support truly democratic movements. The same issues exist in non-sandy countries.

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