Sunday, February 20, 2011

(North) Korean News:"If Cuba takes a legal action against anti-state criminals, the U.S. terms it 'crackdown'"

Those imperialists had better stop right now:
The United States has accused Cuba again of its "human rights problem".

The U.S. urges Cuba to ensure "human rights" of criminals, describing them as "people desirous of freedom". If Cuba takes a legal action against anti-state criminals, the U.S. terms it "crackdown".

The U.S. even demands that Cuba launch a western-style "political reform".

Meanwhile, it slaps an international pressure upon Cuba, labeling it as a "sponsor of terrorism", prompted by a sinister political intention.

It is a worldwide understanding that Cuba has nothing to do with terrorism.

In order to overthrow socialist society in Cuba, however, the U.S. resorts to such a psychological warfare as anti-Cuba broadcasting.

Through 30 frequencies from 19 sites in the mainland, the U.S. is openly stirring up terrorism in Cuba.

The U.S. anti-Cuba broadcasting has further expanded over past decades. In a nutshell, what the U.S. seeks in its anti-Cuba policy is to instigate rebellious elements to create discontent, distrust and antagonism among Cuban people and overthrow the socialist system.
In article entitled "US Plan for Arms Upgrading," we also learn that "The U.S. arms modernization is aimed to wreck the world's strategic balance, contain other powers and put the world under its control." Most of the current items at Korean News report positive developments, however:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il received a floral basket and a congratulatory message from former Palestinian Ambassador to the DPRK and his daughter Jindalrae on the occasion of his birthday.
Feel better?

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