Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fars: "Palestinians Ask Iran to Open Embassy in Gaza"

It would be nice to say that these developments spell the demise of some leftist delusions:
Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Nasser Abu Sharif called on Iran to open a mission in Gaza, and said this would be a natural move, considering the presence of Palestinian diplomats in Tehran.

"It would be a natural move for Iran to open an embassy or representative office in Gaza," Abu Sharif told FNA, adding, "Gaza is now a region almost free of occupation and Iran can have an active embassy in Gaza as it will have the same kind of mission in Egypt in future."

"Iran was the first government which recognized Palestine and allowed opening of the Palestinian embassy and today the Palestinian ambassador is active in Iran," he added.

His remarks came days after 13 Palestinian groups including, Fatah and Hamas, signed a landmark unity deal ending their long-running division.

According to internal sources, the landmark agreement will include formation of a caretaker government until elections take place in both the West Bank and Gaza.

Iran welcomed the Palestinian reconciliation agreement, and called it a positive move towards the materialization of the Palestinian people's goals and rights.

After Tehran's positive position, Palestinian Ambassador to Tehran Salah al-Zawawi welcomed the reconciliation agreement signed between the main two Palestinian resistance movements, Fatah and Hamas, and praised Iran's efforts and assistance to the formation of a national unity government in Palestine.

"During my mission as Palestine's ambassador to Iran, I have witnessed the Iranian nation and government's support for the victory of Palestine and establishment of a new (national unity) government," he said, brushing aside the allegations that Iran has ordered the Hamas movement to evade reconciliation with Fatah.

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