Monday, May 30, 2011

Tehran Times: "Zionist regime on verge of collapse"

Interesting illustration of what the Iranian press and Iranian leaders mean by the sort of rhetoric used in the headline:
[...] Many Israeli analysts, and especially those working for the strategic institutes of the Zionist regime, are frightened by the accelerating rate of change produced by the revolution. They believe that the popular uprising in Egypt is on exactly the same path as Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979, and sooner or later Egypt will stand beside countries like Turkey and Syria in the resistance front under the leadership of Iran.

And if developments continue to move in this direction, Israel will eventually be surrounded. Moreover, if the wave of revolutions reaches Jordan, it will overthrow the country’s monarchist system and Israel will have no more allies in the region. [...]
So, as used here, being on the "verge of collapse," although that normally refers to some sort of inner weakness, means being in danger of a military invasion? I am making this point because pundits on the left sometimes downplay the violent implications of Iranian statements about Israel.

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