Saturday, May 21, 2011

SANA (Syria): "1,900 Children Sign Loyalty for Motherland Painting in Sweida"

Isn't that heart-warming?
More than 1,900 from Shahba area in Sweida Province on Saturday accomplished the "The Loyalty for the Motherland" painting which was started on May 11th, and they wrote on it with their spontaneity national phrases with the colors of the Syrian flag.

Supervising the event, Principal, Naziha Dannoun, said that the length of the painting reached 105 meters and it carried a letter at its end with 2-meter long which included a drawing of a ship named 'Syria…the Steadfastness'. [...]
Also at SANA: "Oratorical Festival in Kuwait to Stress Standing by Syria in Face of Conspiracy":
Elite from the Kuwaiti parliament, clergymen, political activists, academics and lawyers held on Friday an oratorical festival entitled "Loyalty to Syria".

Scores of Syrians living in Kuwait participated in the event.

The participants expressed their standing by Syria in the face of the conspiracy, stressing that the aim of that plot is punishing Syria for its honest and courageous stances concerning supporting the resistance and opposing the Zionist schemes. [...]
That's why conspiracies are always targeting Iran.

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