Saturday, May 28, 2011

IRNA (Iran): "Spokesman: US new move is another failed experience"

Gotta love that title:
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mihman-parast said that the US new move to impose sanctions against Venezuelan State Oil Company for having ties with Iran is another failed experience.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry Media Department on Saturday evening, Mihman-parast added that US resorting to unilateral sanctions indicated isolation of the country in the world and insulting other nations intention in choosing their trade and political partners.

Referring to expressed strong stances by Venezuelan president and other senior officials of the country, Mehman-parast said the stances indicated that illegal and arrogant measures of the USA have no effect on independent nations.

The spokesman said that the US policy is in direction of measures like imposing sanctions or threating independent governments and supporting dictatorial regimes characterize a collapsing power.

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