Thursday, May 19, 2011

IRNA (Iran): "Germans urged to be vanguard in resisting Zionist apartheid regime"

You have to be a Khomeinist to follow the strange logic:
A leading Palestinian activist, Lubna Masarwa, called on Germans to be vanguard in directing the struggle against the Zionist regime.

'German people should be the first to resist this type of oppressive and apartheid and occupation regime because of the history of Germany,' Masarwa said in an exclusive interview with IRNA in Berlin.

She was referring to the mass killing of Jews during the Nazi era.

Masarwa, a cofounder of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, pointed to her plans to mobilize hundreds of people around Europe to fly to Israel on July 8 to highlight the plight of the Palestinian nation.

The activist stressed it was 'important' to have the German people involved in the July 8 campaign.

She slammed European governments for 'not taking any real action against Israel violating all international laws.'

Masarwa made it clear that the international community had to take 'real action' against this type of Israeli policy.

The Palestinian campaigner reiterated that she was frustrated by the pro-Israel policies of the European governments.

'I had a chance to work in the European parliament in Brussels for the last four months. I was completely disappointed from the government and I somehow lost my faith in the governments because Israel is the spoiled son of the governments in Europe and this is why I target the community and I think the international community has to put pressure on the governments,' Masarwa said. [...]

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