Thursday, May 26, 2011

(North) Korean News: "New Health Drink Developed"

And it comes in three flavors: Paektu Punch, Juche Julep, and Grape Leap Forward:
The Central Experiment Analytical Institute of the State Academy of Sciences developed a new drink with Kumgang medical stone.

The drink contains microelements and other mineral matters essential for human body.

The mineral water enriches protein and fat and promotes nucleic acid metabolism and function of cells.

It helps control osmotic pressure, promote movement of the tissue fluid, absorption and excretion and keeps acid-base equilibrium and pH in good state in human body.

It is also useful for the development of humors, bone, muscle and tooth and disinfection of water contaminated by microorganism.

The drink has already proved effective in treatment of diseases.
Very good for ideological deviation, I hear.

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