Sunday, May 01, 2011

Philip Weiss sentence of the day

Reporting on a debate between Peter Beinart and Yossi Klein Halevi sponsored by the American Jewish Committee:
The AJC must be thanked for pitting Zionists-- and Beinart must be congratulated for his bracing acknowledgments of Jewish political power and Jewish murderousness as reflected in the genocidal Purim story, which you will find near the end of the remarks I transcribe below.
Beinart is bad enough, but "Jewish murderousness" is pure Weiss, of course. The word "anti-Semitism" as a quick label to put on a person or utterance has a too much baggage and too little precision, perhaps, and "self-hatred" has drawbacks also--how do you describe an obvious Narcissist as "self-hating"?--but we need a term for this sort of thing.

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