Sunday, May 01, 2011

SANA (Syria): "Interior Ministry calls upon citizens who were misled into participating in or committing unlawful acts to turn themselves in"

Let's make a deal--enemies of the revolution come on down!
The Ministry of Interior issued the following statement on Sunday evening:

In accordance to laws and in order to preserve lives and protect security, stability and national unity that the country's enemies are working to undermine by every means, the Ministry calls upon citizens who were misled into participating in or committing acts punishable by law including carrying weapons, disrupting security or issuing false statements to turn themselves in and hand over their weapons to the relevant authorities.

The statement also called for informing authorities about vandals and terrorists and the locations of weapons, and that those who turn themselves in will be exempted from punishment, legal repercussions and prosecutions from 1/5/2011 until 15/5/2011.
Our operators are standing by! Another SANA headline proclaims "Palestinian Reconciliation… Great Achievement Crowning Syria's and Arab Efforts":
Syria has always exerted great efforts at all levels to achieve the national Palestinian reconciliation out of its awareness of the danger of the continued Palestinian division on the Palestinian unity and on the Palestinian people's legitimate rights.

Syria was among the first to welcome the positive outcomes of the efforts which led to realizing the Palestinian reconciliation, as it considered the reconciliation agreement, due to be signed soon, as a great victory to the cause of the Palestinian people in their just struggle to liberate their occupied territories and restore their rights.

Despite the Israeli pressures exercised on some of the Palestinian leaderships under the American cover, the efforts succeeded in bringing together representatives of Hamas and Fatah in Cairo to sign in initials the minutes of understanding on the Palestinian reconciliation agreement last Wednesday.

The two sides will put their final signature on the reconciliation agreement next Wednesday and Thursday, opening the gate for an efficient political movement that is able to defend the Palestinian rights and confront the Israeli occupation. [...]
Tell them what they won, Don Pardo!

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