Thursday, May 05, 2011

Firas Press: "Zahar: Israel could assassinate President Abbas"

This is unedited auto-translation, but it seems fairly clear:
The leader of the movement 'Hamas' Mahmoud Zahar, the 'reconciliation agreement with the Fatah movement, to be signed tomorrow morning in Cairo, one of the most important fruits of the Egyptian revolution, which he said it completely changed the way the Egypt of the Palestinian issue'.

He denied Zahar, in an interview with the newspaper 'Al Masry Al Youm', 'subjected to any pressure from the movement by the Egyptian authorities to complete the reconciliation, or to dictate any terms of the movement's leaders to Egypt for reconciliation'.

And denounced the accused some of them by 'Hamas' leaders and the smuggling of Palestinian prisoners from the prisons of Egypt or involvement in the commission of any terrorist operations against Egypt', saying that 'such accusations are just empty words'.

He also expressed fear of the 'Israel has committed any more games now, to abort the signing of reconciliation', pointing out that the 'Tel Aviv might try to assassinate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to reach its goal, although the former Egyptian straining on the' Hamas 'to make concessions in favor of the Fatah movement' .

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