Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dear Leader gives field guidance at "women's hosiery shop," department store and "Sanitary Goods Branch Factory"

What do you think those "sanitary goods" are?
After being briefed on the technical specification of the branch factory, he went round production processes furnished with cutting-edge equipment to learn in detail about its construction and production there.

Watching the work sites where cultured practices are ensured in production and hygiene on a high level and the compound of the factory that looks like a park, he highly praised its employees for having spruced up well the inside and outside of the factory. He said that the socialist homeland is turning into a land of bliss for people as the days go by as the soldier culture created in the era of Songun is kept in fuller bloom.

The officials, workers and technicians of the branch factory with a high capacity have been able to bring about a fresh boost in the production of sanitary goods by keeping production going at a high rate because they have waged a dynamic drive for introducing new technology true to the Party's idea of pushing back the frontiers of the latest science and technology while planting one's foot on one's ground and looking at the world, he noted, adding that this signal success clearly demonstrates the validity and vitality of the Party's policy of regarding science and technology as the lifeline for building an economic power.

He advanced the tasks to be carried out by the factory.

He underlined the need for the branch factory to properly work out management and business strategies and put production on a scientific basis as required by the principle of profitability so as to systematically cut down the norm of materials consumption per unit and increase the supply of quality sanitary goods to the people.

The second leg of his guidance was the Women's Hosiery Shop newly built at the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory.

After being briefed on the history of the factory in the room devoted to its history, he went round the weaving site, the processing site and the goods sample room to acquaint himself in detail with the construction and technological equipment and the production there.

He set forth the tasks facing the factory. [...]

The next leg of his guidance was the newly built Pothonggang Department Store.

He went round the inside and outside of the store for hours to acquaint himself in detail with its construction and goods on display there. [...]
He likes shopping, I guess. You'll want to explore the latest Haveil Havalim for hours to acquaint yourself in detail with its contents.

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